Justin Bieber Guests on CSI: America's Young Girls Scream (But Maybe Not in a Good Way)

Teen idol Justin Bieber gets scary in a whole new way. Illustration: Christopher Healy
America's most popular show about collecting bodily fluid samples, "CSI," kicked off its 10th season last night with an episode guest starring Justin Bieber....
No, you weren't having a nightmare, you really did see Justin Bieber on CSI last night. Trying to up your ratings via 9-year-olds, CSI?

How 'CSI' Changed Parenting

Ever wonder why your parents let you play outside and maybe even walk to piano lessons, but now those things seem incredibly scary? The answer could be "CSI." Well, not just "CSI," but the fact is: when we watch scary shows like it, and "Law &am...

Study Finds Children Overmedicated on Purpose

It sounds like an episode from CSI. In fact, if I recall correctly, it was an episode of CSI. A child meets an untimely end due to being overmedicated with cough syrup. Why? The parents wanted her to calm down or be quiet or some such thing. It sou...

New ParentDish Weekly Feature: What are you watching?

(Sunday April 29, 2007) Shhh... Don't tell the other ParentDish writers this... but I watch television. I don't know for sure that none of them do, but I am pretty sure that they don't. Or, if they do, they probably don't watch it in the same quantit...

More parents taking DNA from kids

Have you ever thought something was a good idea yet found yourself creeped out at the same time? That's how I felt when reading this article about parents taking samples of their children's DNA in case of the worst. Parents across the country that h...

When violent TV gives your child bad dreams

I have been extremely diligent over the years to make sure my children do not watch too much television, especially violent shows. My oldest son, who is 13 years-old, has never had a problem with this policy, he is something of a pacifist and abhors ...


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