ParentDish's Top 10 Classic Board Games for Kids

You sunk my battleship! Credit: Amanda M Hatfield, Flickr Family game nights are a time for everyone to sit together, laugh, learn and play. And the thing about board games is that the classics have managed to remain popular for decades, so not ...

Candy Land to Sweeten Movie Theatres

If you haven't had the pleasure of playing Candy Land with your kids, I suggest you run right out, pick up a copy and sit down for a game tonight. Especially if your kids are teenagers. If they're little ones, however, here's some sweet news to share...

Board games catering to shorter attention spans

Ellie loves board games and so do I. We have a closet full of them and Ellie often pulls one out after dinner. We have spent many evenings racing through Candy Land, trying to get a winner before bedtime. Often, we make up our own rules in order to s...


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