How to Play: My Father Owns a Grocery Store

What items are in your "grocery store?" Credit: Getty Images
What you need: This is a game to play while riding in a car on a road trip.
How to play: One person begins the game by saying, "My father owns a grocery store, and in it h...
Get through the alphabet of items at your father's grocery store.

10 Things You Never Thought of to Combat Summer Boredom

Beat the summertime blues with some fresh ideas. Credit: Getty Images
Ah, summertime. Those long, lazy days of sleeping in, lounging around and generally taking it easy. Who doesn't look forward to the end of the school year and the beginning o...

Scavenger Hunt Ideas

Kids love searching for things, which is why it's great that there are many interesting and fun scavenger hunt ideas. An outdoor scavenger hunt is the perfect activity for a beautiful day. Examples of items to include in your outdoor hunt are a place...


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