Flu shots, pregnancy and the unborn child

Hard to believe but it's already flu season again. Or, to be more accurate, it's really (hopefully) flu PREVENTION season. This week the Center for Disease Control whipped out a new, stronger than ever campaign to get pregnant women and young childr...

Celebrities march for vaccination reform

Somehow, I seem to be the writer here at ParentDish who always blogs about vaccines and the war on autism. Not sure how it happened, or that it was meant to happen, but I recently came across another story regarding vaccines I thought you might ...

Vaccinations: they're not just for kids!

According to another one of those pesky recent studies, adults in the United States are not getting their vaccinations. Yes, adults are supposed to get vaccinated too--just because we can legally drink doesn't mean we can totally avoid the needle. ...

A mom takes on children's allergies

A recent article in the New York Times struck a chord with me. It concerned a mom, Robyn O'Brien, her four kids--one of whom has a food allergy--and big business food companies. According to the research Robyn has done, she feels that food allergies...

Peter Pan peanut butter is returning to grocery shelves

Earlier this winter Con Agra had to pull every jar of Peter Pan peanut butter from grocery store shelves after it was linked to salmonella poisoning. During the recall no child deaths were linked to the salmonella scare, but several families of elder...

Second generation air bags, an increase in safety

A study in the current issue of the American Journal of Epidemiology found that the front air bags now installed in cars offer as much protection as first-generation air bags but are less likely to kill children or small adults when they deploy. Firs...


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