Centers for Disease Control and Prevention 

U.S. Teen Birth Rate Hits Record Low, CDC Reports

Not only is the overall U.S. birth rate down, but women are having their children later in life, as well. Credit: Getty
Looks like all those free condom giveaways might be doing the trick, after all. The birth rate for U.S. teen...
The birth rate for U.S. teens fell to the lowest level ever recorded in 70 years of tracking teenage childbearing.

Traumatic Childhood? Welcome to the (Really Big) Club

Say "ohm." Relax. You're not alone when it comes to carrying mental baggage. Credit: Getty Here's a bit of news to perk up your holiday spirits: The majority of people out there are as messed up as you are. A survey by the Cente...
You may be messed up, but you're not alone.

Concussion: Not Just A Minor Injury

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention created this video in which Tracy, a high school basketball player, shares how she was sidelined by a concussion.
"We want all moms and dads to know that concussions are a very serious inju...


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