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Colorado Child Care Rules Could Require Racially Diverse Dolls, 'Culturally Sensitive' Activities

Day care providers may be required to have diverse doll collections. Credit: Amazon Want to be a licensed day care provider in Colorado? You could face a mountain of rules if a newly proposed set of regulations from the Department of H...Ninety-eight pages of proposed rules have some crying micro-management.

A Little Time Apart Can Shield Toddlers from Mom's Depression

Credit: Getty Images
If mama ain't happy, ain't nobody happy.
Fortunately, research has discovered a way to keep toddler's from getting caught in the fallout of their mother's depression: Stay the bleep out of her way. It's true....
Study recommends formal child care to give mother and child "time out."

Planning for Summer Child Care

Summer will be here before you know it, and our little ones are counting down the days until school lets out. When that happens, families will have to fill anywhere from eight to 10 hours a day of child care. Summer isn't only a difficult time to...When school's out, families have to fill anywhere from eight to 10 hours a day of child care.

Military Families With Young Kids Face Mounting Child Care Challenges, Study Finds

Military families struggle with early child care, a new survey finds. Credit: Getty It's one thing for most working parents to try to orchestrate child care from 9 to 5, but imagine dealing with the nanny coming down with the flu and o...Juggling the work/family balance requires the skills of a military strategist.

The Milkmen Are Coming: In Spain, Breast-Feeding Leave Not Just for Women

Some European countries allow men to take breast-feeding breaks. Credit: Getty Images
Do real men change diapers and breast-feed? In Spain, apparently, the biological argument doesn't matter so much, as new dads get to check out of the office ...
European dads want to breast-feed, too.

Moms, Your Kids Are Just Fine, Now Get Back to Work, Researchers Say

Stop feeling guilty about going to work. Credit: Getty Images
If you feel guilty about leaving your kids in someone else's care while you go off to work, here's some good news: Your kids are getting along just fine without you. Researchers at ...

Cost of Raising Children Jumps 22 Percent in 50 Years

If you're in your late 40s, it cost your parents approximately $183,000 to see you from birth to high school graduation. Your own children will cost you about $222,000. The Chicago Tribune reports fresh statistics from the U.S. Department of ...

Day Cares Send Sick Kids Home Too Quickly, Study Says

Too sick for day care? Credit: Getty
You're crashing in on a deadline at work or in the middle of an intense conversation over lunch when the phone rings: It's the day care center calling to say your child is sick and needs to be picked up imme...

Get Yer Discount Nannies, Courtesy of the Sour Economy

California parents are getting child care on the cheap. Credit: ABC
How much would you pay per hour for a nanny to watch your children? Maybe $25? How about $17? That's right! For a limited time only, the soft economy is offering discount...

Judge to Mom on Jury Duty: No Babysitter? You're Going to Jail!

It was a very bad day, indeed, for Carmela Khury when she was called for jury duty in a Michigan murder case: Her mother, who was watching her two kids, had to have emergency oral surgery. Then, her backup child care fell through. Khury called t...

Children Chubbier When Watched by Grandparents, Study Shows

Should grandparents be more careful about their grandkids' diets? Credit: Getty Images
Young children are more likely to be overweight if they are cared for by their grandparents, a British study concludes. The BBC reports that researchers fro...

Obama to Propose Stimulus for 'Sandwich Generation' Parents

Families have a good reason to watch the State of the Union Address this week, and not just as fodder for a civics lesson. President Barack Obama is expected to announce a few proposals that mean to put more money back in the wallets of middle-clas...

Nanny Jobs: Interview Questions

Ask the right questions to find the right nanny. Photo: Jason DeRusha, Flickr
For parents, hiring a nanny can be stressful. In addition to finding someone with whom you feel comfortable, there are also legal issues to consider. In order to le...

Babysitting Jobs: Hiring the Best Babysitter

Finding the right babysitter can be a tough job. Credit: Getty Images
Looking for someone to fill a babysitting job? As a parent, hiring a reliable and knowledgeable babysitter can be a daunting proposition. Who can you trust to care for your c...

More Mothers Are Returning to Work

With families finding it harder than ever to make end's meet, many SAHMs are returning to work sooner than they would like. The kids are alright, but moms are struggling. I always knew that being a full-time mommy was a temp job. From day one, new...


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