Is MTV's 'Skins' Straddling Child Pornography Laws?

James Newman portrays Tony, right, and Sofia Black-D'Elia portrays Tea, in a scene from the adolescent drama "Skins," on MTV. Credit: AP Photo/MTV Although the British seem to do it better, we copy it just as well -- and in this case, ...The show has been labeled by some as a flagrant display of child pornography.

Legalize Child Pornography? Researchers Say It Deserves Consideration

Should child porn be legalized? Credit: Frederic J. Brown, AFP/Getty Images
Maybe we should legalize child pornography. Then we can throw a few baby harp seals on the grill and unwind with a little kiddie porn after a long day at the retiremen...
Legalizing kiddie porn could prove a wee bit controversial.

Australian Police, Facebook Crack Child Porn Ring

The child porn investigation includes police in the United States, Canada, Britain, Germany, South Africa and Switzerland, Credit: Adrian Wyld, AP
ADELAIDE, Australia (AP) - An international child pornography ring that operated on Facebook has be...

Flu Shots, Salmonella-Tainted Snacks and Bilingual Kids: News for Canadian Parents

This week's Canadian parenting news bites include a major Ontario child porn bust, a recall of salmonella-tainted snack foods, a study that says kids should be at the front of the queue for flu shots and a way to help your child be bilingual even be...

Teen facing porn charges for taking nude pics of herself

What were you thinking? If you're a parent of a teen, you may have found yourself asking this question more than once. According to recent research, if a teen answered the question honestly, they might says, "I wasn't." Experts say that a teen's risk...

Elton John photograph removed from exhibit

Recently I wrote about the controversy surrounding a photograph in Elton John's private collection that appeared as part of an exhibit. Sir Elton was involved in a child porn investigation over whether the photograph, taken by notorious artist Nan ...

First Australian-based child pornography site shut down

From the Sydney Morning Herald:  Police have shut down the first Australian-based child pornography site and arrested its creator.  The site had been operating for 18 months.  Tipped by Interpol in Burssels, police raided the man's hom...


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