Christmas carols 

Top Christmas Carol Mystery Lyrics Explained

Even Santa can get stumped by some Christmas lyrics. Illustration by Christopher Healy
Kids are loaded with questions this time of year. How does Santa fit down the chimney? Why do I have to wear that sweater Aunty Ruthie gave me? ...
What's a French hen, anyway? We answer your burning questions about Christmas carol lyrics!

Best Christmas Carols of 2009

'Tis the season to sing songs of cheer. Or these. A ParentDish Christmas! (To "We Wish You a Merry Christmas") We 'Dish you a Merry Christmas We 'Dish you a Merry Christmas We 'Dish you a ParentDish wish For a Happy New Year Good sto...

Top Christmas Games

Christmas is a great time for families to have fun together by playing holiday-themed games. Though there are many games that can be be fun for your family, some stand out. Give scavenger hunts a holiday twist by having kids find Santa's reindeer....

"Silent Night" for high school carolers

A California high school choir was recently told to stop singing Christmas songs during an ice skating show due to possibly offending Sasha Cohen, who is Jewish. The choir was at an ice skating rink where Cohen was performing and had begun to sing "G...


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