How to Play: Shoveling Snow

How many cotton balls can you get on the table? Credit: Getty Images
What you need: Vaseline, a bowl for each player, cotton balls and a stop watch.
How to play: Arrange everyone in a circle sitting on their knees or sitting around ...
In this game, you use your nose to "shovel snow."

How to Play: Dirty Dice Gift Grabbing Game

Roll to keep -- or swap -- your gift. Credit: Getty Images
What you need: Wrapped gifts, dice and a timer.
How to play: Everyone brings a wrapped gift, which is placed in the middle of the room. Once everyone is seated, have the pla...
Roll a pair to get your present.

Teen Gives Her Last $100 So Needy Children Can Have Christmas Gifts

A Pennsylvania teen spent her Christmas money to ensure other kids have gifts under the tree. Credit: Corbis
Teenagers are so materialistic, so self-absorbed, so self-centered, so ...
Hold the stereotypes. You've never met Kyia...
Teen says she couldn't bear the thought of children waking up Christmas morning without presents.

How to Play: The Night Before Christmas

A variance of Musical Chairs. Credit: Buena Vista
What you need: Chairs and the book, "The Night Before Christmas."
How to play: In this variance of Musical Chairs, set up a circle of chairs, with as many chairs as there are players...
Will you be the last one sitting?

Christmas Gift Card Miracle: Strangers Play Santa for Families Who Can't Afford Presents

A post on Jennifer Lawson's "The Bloggess" blog started a Christmas gift-giving chain. Credit: Jenny Lawson
Imagine having to tell your kids Santa won't be stopping at your house this Christmas. Or worrying you won't have enough ...
One woman's blog entry spurred hundreds to donate more than $20,000 to those in need.

Please Don't Stop Believin' In Santa - Not Yet

A couple of weeks ago, my husband told me he thought our son was starting to question the existence of Santa Claus. I didn't believe him. My boy is a 9-year-old who loves the magic of Christmas, the Easter Bunny, the Tooth Fairy ... there was just no...I knew we were getting close to non-believer status, but I was sure there was still time.

Are You Still Doing Your Christmas Shopping?

Shoppers in a crowded store scramble for last-minute gifts. Credit: Don Emmert, AFP/Getty Images Only five more days until Christmas? Eh, plenty of time for shopping. With Christmas hurtling toward us faster than a Red Bull-soaked...

Five Ways to Celebrate the First Day of Winter

Make cookies for a cookie swap. Credit: Getty Images This year, when Dec. 21 rolls around, why not celebrate the first day of winter with fun activities that can become your family's tradition? Here are five entertaining ways to usher ...Why not celebrate the first day of winter with fun activities that can become your family's tradition?

How Old Is Too Old to Believe in Santa Claus?

The man, the myth: Santa Claus. Credit: Sonny Tumbelaka, AFP / Getty Images He's making a list, he's checking it twice, and your kids are hoping they were nice enough to get some gifts from Santa Claus. There's nothing cuter than watch...He's making a list, he's checking it twice, but do your kids think he's real?

How to Play: Christmas Corners

Don't get caught in the wrong corner! Credit: Getty Images What you need: Music, a room with four corners, a hat or box and two copies of four Christmas-themed images, such as Santa Claus, a decorated tree, a stocking and a...Don't get caught in the wrong corner!

How to Prepare for the Santa Moment of Truth

We dread it, but every parent knows that the day will eventually come when their child learns that there is no Santa. This discovery brings a double dose of shock to the little one. First, he has to come to terms with the fact that the jolly, beard...As hard as we may try to preserve our child's innocence, we all have to inevitably deal with the mournful moment when our youngster figures out the real deal about Santa.

Top Christmas Carol Mystery Lyrics Explained

Even Santa can get stumped by some Christmas lyrics. Illustration by Christopher Healy
Kids are loaded with questions this time of year. How does Santa fit down the chimney? Why do I have to wear that sweater Aunty Ruthie gave me? ...
What's a French hen, anyway? We answer your burning questions about Christmas carol lyrics!

Opinion: A Clean House Does Not a Merry Christmas Make

Clean the house? Or have another holiday cocktail? Illustration by Dori Hartley On Dec. 26, parents everywhere have a beatific glow -- because Christmas is 364 days away. Christmas stinks when you're a grownup. All you want is for yo...Maybe cleaning the house every day could ease your holiday stress, but who really wants to try?

Secret Santa Spreads Joy, Disbelief in Kansas City

A Secret Santa is handing out $100 bills to unsuspecting strangers in food pantries, shelters, and thrift stores in Kansas City. Credit: Getty Images KANSAS CITY, Mo. (AP) - Secret Santa II hit the streets Tuesday in a long-standing Ka...This Secret Santa is giving unsuspecting strangers a great holiday surprise.

How to Play: Christmas Gift Stacking Relay

Carry stacked gifts to win the relay. Credit: Getty Images
What you need: A duplicate set of wrapped boxes, items inside the boxes (optional) and stools or chairs. How to play: Divide into two teams: Team A and B. Now, split each team so half ...
Can you stack your gifts first?


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