Sports Traditions as Important During Holidays as Turkey, Gifts Under the Tree

The annual Becher-Ware Turkey Bowl. Credit: Gary Becher
Thanksgiving means family gatherings for some and pumpkin pie for others. For Scott Becher, it means the annual Becher-Ware Turkey Bowl. "It started in 1991 with seven of us playing a...

Christmas Eve pajama party!

Every year, the very first thing on my Christmas shopping list is the same - pajamas. It is kind of my little holiday tradition. I buy each family member (including myself) the most festive and/or goofy pajama set I can find. I wrap them, mark the pa...

Christmas pickle

This weekend we finally decked the halls, hung the stockings with care, and put up the tree. We even found time to hide the Christmas pickle! No, that's not a euphemism, it's an ornament! Finding the Christmas pickle is a tradition that encourage...

Santa's little secret: an elf on the shelf

The holidays have a way of making all kids a little crazier, but there's a simple way to help them remember to use their indoor voices, pick up their toys, and to not throw the cat into the Christmas tree ever again: an elf on the shelf. Based on t...

Blogging Baby Sleepover: Saturday, December 16

I am a self-professed Christmas freak. In fact, I love any holiday: Christian, Muslim, Pagan. If there's good food or a parade, I'm there! I was in the dollar store buying gift bags tonight, when a woman with a thick accent approached me and asked me...

The Christmas tradition that would: a tale

Once upon a time there was a mama. She was an energetic mama, full of ideas, vim, vigor and spice. She had plans, big plans, and they revolved around the perfect Christmas. She had some very excellent ideas about a bucolic, authentic celebration, ful...


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