Non-Toxic Antibacterial Cleaners Take the Worry Out of Clean

Germs, be gone! Credit: Method
Before we had kids, we didn't spend much time thinking about germs. But now ... Let's face it, kids are germ-y. So, we admit to being a little obsessed with germs these days. But here's the thing: Most of the c...

Dusting Slippers

Long ago when Saturday Night Live used to be funny, they had a fake commercial for kid's pajamas made out of a microfiber dust-collecting fabric. The beaming mother blissfully drank a cup of coffee while her squealing kids slid on the floor and crawl...

Method daily shower cleaner

There was a time when I thought spotless showers doors were reserved for the childless or obsessive-compulsive. There was no way I could enforce the mandatory after-shower squeegee-ing that would be required to keep our facilities streak-free after e...


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