Aura Cacia Clearing Foam Bath for Kids

Soothe your child's stuffy nose with a calming eucalyptus bath. Credit: Amazon With over-the-counter children's cough and cold medicines coming under major scrutiny from the Food and Drug Administration, many parents are searching fo...Soothe your child's stuffy nose with a calming eucalyptus bath.

Keep an Eye on That Cough: Respiratory Virus Reaches Epidemic Levels in Florida

Respiratory syncytial virus can be dangerous for babies and children younger than 2. Credit: Getty Images
If your little one's cough seems to be getting worse, it may be time to visit the doctor, as it could signal something more serious than jus...
When a cough gets worse, it might be more than just the common cold.

How to Prevent Kids From Catching the Common Cold

Teach your kids to sneeze or cough into a tissue or their elbow to help prevent a cold from spreading. Credit: Getty Images With Halloween knocking at the door and Thanksgiving just around the corner, you know those dreaded sniffles an...Ah-choo! Cooler weather means it's cold season. Here are tips to help save on Kleenex this season.

Kids Breathe Easier on a Starry Night

Star light, star bright, I wish my cold would go away tonight. Credit: Vicks
The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends using a cool mist humidifier throughout the winter months, to help relieve congestion and coughs for kids. So, why not us...
The Starry Night Cool Moisture Humidifier projects stars on the ceiling and helps relieve congestion. Sorry, it's for the kids.

Free Antibiotics Do More Harm Than Good?

The pharmacy in my local grocery store is currently offering free antibiotics as part of a health and wellness initiative. To promote the freebies, signs reading "You didn't pay for the germs. Why pay for the antibiotics?" are on display throughout t...

Vicks VapoRub Harmful To Infants

OK, this is kind of creepy. I am part of a parent exchange group that regularly emails ideas, etc. on the web. A recent conversation thread has centered on Vicks VapoRub, which we all decided was harmful to use on our children. Now, a new report is s...

School Teaches Children How to Blow Their Noses

Yesterday, Sandy Maple wrote about teaching her daughter to blow her nose and the Kleenex website that could help. Today, I offer another alternative -- a school that is teaching kids how to blow their noses properly. Unfortunately, it's in England, ...

The Art of Nose Blowing

My father once said that one of his greatest accomplishments as a parent was teaching his children how to blow their noses. Seeing us all stopped up and miserable, wiping our dripping noses on whatever was handy, made him crazy. But it took many, man...

DailyDish - Don't Forget Your Chapstick

This Winter, keep an extra chapstick in your coat pocket so you don't ever to leave home without it....

Physicians group wants FDA to ban children's cold medicines

Last winter, the FDA put out an advisory warning parents and caretakers that children under the age of two shouldn't be given over-the-counter cough and cold medications. A leading physicians group, Public Citizen's Health Research Group, thinks that...

A real-life "Christmas Story"

I grew up in San Francisco, so a lot of the lore and customs of colder climes is foreign to me. I've never experienced a "snow day" -- the one time it snowed here, we were able to scrape up enough slush to make what we called snowballs as we awaited ...

Will you get the flu shot this year?

And, will your kids? I got a flu shot for the first time in my life last fall when I was pregnant. My OBGYNs strongly urged me to do so, and with all the contact I have in a given day just in New York on the subways with passengers both sick and we...

Cold medicine doesn't work on kids

On the back of last week's news that infant cold medicines have been pulled from store shelves, today experts have revealed that are seemingly ineffective on children younger than 12. As such, pediatricians are recommending that the FDA immediately ...

Some cold medicines are not for kids

When Ellie gets a cold, I am hesitant to give her any medicine because I have yet to find one that doesn't cause her to wake up a few hours later totally wired and unable to sleep. Over the years, I've tried all kinds of over-the-counter cold remedie...

Addiction of the Week: Starbucks' Frappuccino Blended Crèmes

Although there are mixed reviews out there as to whether or not caffeine is good or bad for the developing baby and pregnant mother, I find caffeine makes me a bit wiggy, so I've been avoiding it. But I still like to use the coffee excuse to sneak ou...


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