Playing Outside, No Coat - How Bad?

"My son refuses to wear a coat," reports a worried mom. "He's 9 years old and it's 20 degrees outside here. How bad is it for him to go out without a coat? Is it unsafe?" Ah, the old at-the-door, put-on-your-coat drama. Is it dangerous for a chi...

Cold Comfort

Bundle up baby and head into a winter wonderland. Credit: Peekaru
For those spending the winter somewhere snowy, keep both you and your baby or toddler snug-as-a-bug with the Peekaru Soft Shell carrier cover, made from heavy-duty weatherproof Po...

Top Holiday Cocktails

At some point it seems the holidays have gotten away from the adults. Now that I am an adult with children, holidays like Christmas and Hanukkah have become synonymous with what presents we can get for the kids. Most parents forego giving presents t...

Stuff Mom's Stocking with a Warm Hat

Let's face it: Moms are hard to shop for. They're always asking for practical things, but you know that what they really want is something pretty. What if you could give Mom something pretty AND practical this year? Hats are back right now, wh...

A definite must for creating a Halloween costume

In our corner of the world it almost always snows on Halloween. The cold weather presents a bit of problem when trying to dream up cute costumes for the kids so that they don't have to wear a bulky parka over their creations. One of the best ways aro...


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