High School, New Documentary Aim to Stop Student Stress

Raise your hand if your student is stressed by college admission competitions. Credit: Corbis With college applications looming, high school students are under the gun to score high on academic achievement tests and parents everywhere ...Grassroots movement aims to stop the college admissions madness.

Could Facebook Keep Your Kid Out of College?

A few mindless posts could prove to be your kid's undoing when it comes to college admissions. Credit: Karen Bleier, AFP / Getty Images
As the first generation to grow up with the Internet, our kids think nothing of revealing the most intimate ...

Can the Right Baby Name Get You into Harvard?

Dear Name Lady, What names are most likely to get my kids into a top college? I know this is a bit of a ridiculous question, but could a first name actually make a difference? If so, what names would be good? - Probably Not Harvard-Bound An...


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