Teen Moms Still Want College Degrees, Study Finds

Pregnant at 16? Poof! There goes your future. You obviously care more about changing diapers than earning a college degree. Obviously? Not so fast. Researchers at Women & Infants Hospital of Rhode Island say that's not so. They interviewe...Teen moms want to go to college. The question is, how?

Students Cruising Through College With Little Asked of Them, Little Learned, Book Says

That diploma won't mean much if your college student skips on the studying. Credit: Getty When you phone your daughter at college at 3 p.m., only to discover she's just rolling out of bed, or you ask your university-attending son what ...Growing numbers of undergraduates are moving through college without working particularly hard, and without key learning skills, such as complex reasoning and critical thinking.

College Student Loans Doubling, Study Finds

Study shows college students are borrowing 50 percent more in student loans. Credit: Getty Images
There's not much shock left when it comes to the spiraling costs of a college education, so you shouldn't be too surprised to learn that piggy ban...
Members of the class of 2008 borrowed an average of $23,000 for their undergraduate educations in 2008, up 50 percent from students who graduated in 1996 and took loans for $17,000, the study finds.

College Grads More Likely to Say 'I Do'

Something old, something new, something borrowed and something blue. Oh, and a college degree. Credit: Getty Images
Looks like the "MRS" Degree is making a comeback. For the first time in decades, young adults with college degrees are more lik...
Wanna get married by the age of 30? Get a college degree.

Daycare dilemma: Should I stay or should I go?

These days, it's an age-old question: Should I go back to work or stay home with my baby? Many women, and many women I know personally, face this very conundrum even before they get pregnant. Many of us have very different ideas of how things wil...


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