Nursery Bedding: A Shopping Guide

Nursery bedding makes things cozy for baby. Credit: Getty
OK, baby's on the way. Now, where are you going to put the bundle of joy while he sleeps? (And yes, no matter how it seems at the beginning, he will eventually sleep!) Here's a quick r...

Boy Baby Bedding: Show His Love for the Home Team

Is your baby boy a future All-Star? Start him young with sports-themed bedding. Credit: Corbis
Excited about introducing your son to your favorite athletes? Choosing boy baby bedding based on your team spirit can be a fun way to decorate your...

Cool in the Crib

Naturally lovely. Credit: Plover Organic
The ladies at Plover Organic have a way with bedding. More specifically, they have a way with making organic bedding that's anything but boring. Despite being totally serious about keeping their raw ma...

In the Nursery: Green and Clean

Go feminine without being fussy. Credit: Argington
Good news for new parents who are wary of unnecessary chemicals coming in contact with their babies: there are more and more organic options in the crib bedding market. The eco-conscious design...


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