Soothe Baby on a Clothes Dryer? Bad Idea, Hospital Says

Soothe your baby, but not with a clothes dryer. Credit: Getty Images Fed up with driving your baby around for hours every night until he falls asleep? Quebec-based home furnishings chain Brault and Martineau has a much better suggestio...Clothes dryers should be used for drying clothes, not to stop babies from crying.

10 Tips to Soothe a Crying Baby

What to do when your baby cries? Relax. Credit: Pig Sty Avenue, Flickr
Like it or not, crying is a major form of communication for babies. "Babies cry hours and hours a day," says Amy Guiot, a clinical instructor of pediatrics at Cincinnati Ch...

Mommy's Makeover Scares Toddler

Here's a typical mom fantasy: A morning TV show offers you a complete makeover, managed by a team of high-end beauty experts. You arrive at the studio looking wan and tired and mom-ish, and hours later you look just like Katie Holmes! Great, right...

Baby-crying contest

There have been a couple times during my daughter's 2 1/2-year existence that I've thought: "if there were a baby crying contest, my kid would most definitely win." Little did I know, such a contest actually exists. That's right -- the little ...


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