Cursive Handwriting Getting Erased as Schools Teach Typing Over Script

Writing things out by hand? Don't make us LOL. Credit: Getty With the mass adoption of text messaging as a form of communication over the past 10 years, educators and linguists have lamented the butchering of the English language by th...Kids are learning to text and type as cursive becomes a thing of the past.

So Much For Penmanship, School Replaces Cursive With Keyboarding

Should handwriting be taught in school? Credit: Jupiterimages
In another knockout to the handwritten note, keyboarding lessons are replacing time spent learning cursive in the Brownsburg, Ind. school district. Parents of third-graders in t...

Cursive Writing a Thing of the Past?

Ever since she learned to hold a pencil, Ellie has been fascinated by cursive writing. She loves the loops and curves of script writing and works hard at perfecting the art. In the past, all of this writing practice has been done at home because it w...


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