Stay-at-Home Dads More Likely to Get Divorced

Credit: Getty Images
You really need to think twice before you take in an ocelot, chimpanzee, wolf or human male with the thought of domesticating it first.
No matter how well trained and behaved they appear to be, these are essenti...
Study says husbands and fathers don't fare well in captivity.

Heed Thee the Words of Tom Selleck! Quit Being a Jerk-Wad of a Father

A man is watching a football game with his buddies. Suddenly, inexplicably, he gets up and leaves the room. Rather than fetching more nachos, however, he goes to the basement where he (this is the weird part) spends time with his son. Told you...Hey, if Tom Selleck tells you to be a good father, you better listen.

Daughters Say Dads Should Do More to Prepare Them for Sex and Dating

Dads, do you want your daughters to feel prepared for relationships? Then talk to them. Credit: Getty Images
Well, dads, it looks like you no longer will be able to get out of having "the talk" with your adolescent daughters. A new study repor...
Trying to get out of "the talk" with your daughter? A new study reports that a vast majority of young women feel their dads could have done better in helping to prepare them for sexuality and dating.

Opinion: The Real Reason Grown Men are Crying at 'Toy Story 3'

This is what it sounds like when dads cry. Illustration by Christopher Healy
Just like the majority of the adults in the audience with me, I was wiping tears from my cheeks as the credits rolled on "Toy Story 3". This was far from the fir...

Father's Involvement During Pregnancy Found to be Critical to Infant's Survival

Healthier babies are born to dads that stick around. Credit: Getty Images
Babies whose fathers are absent during pregnancy are four times more likely to die in their first year of life, regardless of the mother's race, ethnicity or socioeconomi...

Amazing Dad: Bruce Feiler

Bruce Feiler and his family. Credit: Kelly Hike
Amazing Dad: Bruce Feiler, author of "The Council of Dads: My Daughters, My Illness, and the Men Who Could Be Me" Bruce's Family: Wife: Linda Rottenberg, married seven years; Kids: Twins Eden and...

Amazing Dad: Danny Evans

Danny Evans opened up about male depression in his book, "Rage Against the Mushugenah," in an effort to help men talk about the disease. Credit: Sharon Evans Amazing Dad: Danny Evans, 39, blogger, author and dad of two, who turned his struggl...

Father's Day Gift Pick: Adopt-A-Creature

Lend a helping fin to a deserving dolphin. Credit: Getty Images
"Under the sea, under the sea, darling it's better, down where it's wetter ..." OK, Dad may not be a big fan of "The Little Mermaid," but we bet he'll love the idea of adopting a s...

Cheerleading Pop PSA Makes Us Say, 'Let's Go Dad!'

Sometimes dads tend to get a little shortchanged on the parenting front. Moms might get more attention, but we don't dare deny the power of a proud and present pop. So, in honor of Father's Day this Sunday, we share this 2008 Public Service ...

Father's Day Gift Pick: Organic Home Beer Brewing Kit

Dad gets bragging rights for brewing up his own beer. Credit: Seven Bridges Cooperative
If being the resident grillmaster isn't enough for your DIY dad, add brewmaster to his list of credentials, and watch as he quenches his thirst with a col...

Newer Dads More Committed to Parenting Than Those of Past Generations, Study Says

Today's dads are taking a more active role in raising their kids. Credit: Corbis
Today's new dads equate being a good father with "being there, being present, spending time and being accessible," and not with being a traditional "breadwinner," ...

Father's Day Gift Idea: Fair Trade Soccer Balls

Kick it out of the stadium with this year's Father's Day gift. Credit: Fair Trade Sports
Goooaaalll! Is your dad wrapped up in World Cup fever? If he's like many of the dads we know, he's probably in a fútbol frenzy this week. Lucky f...

11 Mother's Day Gifts That Will Kill Your Sex Life (We're Talking to You, Dad)

Our good friends at The Stir have created a place where moms can meet and talk about life, parenting and the parenting life. We think they have a lot of great stuff to say, and so we're thrilled to be offering some of their posts right here a...

Dad Creates Edible Superhero Lunches

One Nebraska 5-year-old is the talk of his elementary school cafeteria thanks to the painstaking efforts of his dad, who makes him elaborate lunches in the form of comic-book superheroes. Kai Wilken, 35, of Omaha, spends hours each day th...

Postpartum Depression Affects Dads, Too

According to a recent story by psychiatrist Dr. Richard Friedman in The New York Times, postpartum depression doesn't just affect new mothers -- fathers can suffer the devastation, too. Here are some of the most interesting points of the story. ...


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