Three year old's view of Star Wars-video

The greatest thing about kids is that they give you a whole new set of eyes through which to re-experience the every day wonders in our world and George Lucas films. This darling three year old gives a refreshing and somewhat rambling synopsis of S...

Get more Halloween candy with the Dark Side of The Force

Sure, pillowcases, grocery bags, and little plastic pumpkins will all do just fine as receptacles for the loot your kid's going to score this Halloween. But why be ordinary? Especially when they could use this Darth Vader helmet, and spend the night ...

Back to school awesomeness: Darth Vader backpack

If you're thinking of getting your son or daughter some lame old Eddie Bauer backpack or glitzy Trapper Keeper like all the other kids -- think again. Why would let your child carry something so bland when he or she could, in fact, be the coolest kid...


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