David Hasselhoff Talks New Reality Show, Drunken Video and 'Dancing With the Stars'

David Hasselhoff stars with his daughters Hayley, left, and Taylor-Ann in "The Hasselhoffs." Credit: Florian Seefried, Getty Images
Call him campy, but David Hasselhoff has experienced a long career filled with great successes -- from his soap op...
The Hoff and his daughters star in a new reality show on A&E.

David Hasselhoff relapses

David Hasselhoff, of Knight Rider and Baywatch fame (not to mention star of ...interesting music videos) and recovering alcoholic fell off the wagon last night. "David had a brief relapse and immediately recognized the importance of addressing it w...

Is it ever OK to be drunk in front of your kids?

By now most of the Internet has seen the horrifying, sideshow-ish video of David Hasselhoff, shirtless and shuffling his mouth haphazardly toward a Wendy's burger. His daughter is taping him, berating him for his drunkenness and pleading with him to ...

Hasselhoff parents bickering over daughter's wound

David Hasselhoff and his wife have become embroiled in a fight regarding a scratch on their daughter's arm. Hailey, age 14, was taken to an emergency room Sunday night after David Hasselhoff called 9-1-1 about the scratch. Although he was across the ...


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