When Children Die: Book Offers Guide Through Parents' Emotional Hell

Parents have no choice but to go on after losing a child. Credit:
When a child dies, many parents, no doubt, want to die, too.
That's not an option, of course -- especially when there are surviving children who still need...
Grieving parents do not so much "recover" as "regenerate," says the author.

Mother Never Told Dying Daughter End Was Near

Jeanette Gilderdale, right, with her daughter Rachael. Credit: John Connors Press Associates
She knew her teenage daughter was going to die, but didn't tell her. "I couldn't have her waking up every morning wondering if today was the day," Jea...

Ann Adams loses her daughter Carol to cancer

Ann Adams has been around ParentDish probably longer than I have, which is nearly two years. So, I don't think her name in the title needed a whole lot of explanation. I wrote here in December that Ann's daughter Carol had been diagnosed with termina...

Blogging Baby Sleepover: International Edition

This evening I was wondering where to "go" in my perusal of international blogs. And I have never been to Africa-- well, I have read Tertia's blog So Close, and we have covered her blog here at Blogging Baby before. But I wanted to explore other blog...


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