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Deciding who's in the delivery room is a big decision. Image:
Do you track baby's every feeding, diaper change, coo and gurgle? Yep, there's an iPhone app for that. -- Cool Mom Picks When 11-year-old Logan Roberts when looking for a mi...

How hard is it to get an epidural?

The debate as to whether or not epidurals are a good idea is one that has and will wage for ages. And that's not what I'm here to discuss. For the sake of argument, let's say you've decided to get an epidural. Let's also say you've established y...

Nicole Kidman arranges delivery room music

Nicole Kidman is counting down to the birth of her baby, and she's getting herself ready. Among other things in her hospital bag is a special CD Kidman has created to play in the delivery room. What's on it? A variety of pieces by Irish flautist Jame...

A-Rod not so tough after all

We've all seen the movie version of the nervous dad-to-be sweating bullets and passing out in the delivery room while his long-suffering wife stoically endures the pain of childbirth. The next scene usually involves poor mom left to fend for herself ...

Enjoy your time with your children

Gee, that sounds logical. Like no one ever thought of that. Still, I got your attention, no? I'm writing today because an interesting era of my life, albeit a small one, is about to come to an end. Really, it's more like a crashing halt, and one th...


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