Dogs and Toddlers Understand Gestures at Same Level

Dogs are just as smart as two-year-olds sometimes, according to a recent study. Photo: jupiterimages
It turns out that dogs are more like our children than we realize. Two studies have found that man's best friend possesses a two-year-old child's...

Bear Grylls Gives New Son Wacky Name

Television adventurer Bear Grylls, of Discovery's Man vs. Wild, is a father again. He and wife Shara welcomed their third child, a seven pound, seven ounce bouncing baby boy, into the world this past Thursday. And his name is Huckleberry Edward Jocel...

Duggars to get reality show

Move over "John & Kate Plus 8." You ain't got nothin' on the Duggar family. For those of you unfamiliar with the Duggars (as I was), they're a family of nineteen, seventeen of which are the children. And now, according to reports, they're being g...

All the television with none of the guilt

Television was and still is a huge part of my life. When I say huge, I most certainly do not mean mystery meat tinfoil dinners on top of butterfly painted metal trays as the four of us sit down and watch our shows. What I do mean is that when the k...

Man vs. Wild: not so wild after all

The reason I'm a faithful viewer of Man vs. Wild has nothing to do with learning survival tips. If I'm ever lost in the wilderness, I accept that I'm a goner and will complain, dehydrate, and starve to death like a normal person. What made me a fan ...

Will you let your kids watch Shark Week?

So I'm sitting in my livingroom minding my own business one evening earlier this week when I flip onto a program about baby seals searching for food. "Oh, how cute!" I think to myself. Gee, I just LOVE baby animals, don't you? I imagine that even...

Kid filmmakers document their lives for TV

Twenty kids, ages 7-12, have been documenting their lives for a new Discovery Channel series called My Life As a Child. Acting as producer, director, and cameraperson, the kids spent 4 months videotaping their views on parents, peers and growing up. ...


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