Octuplets, Cabin Fever, and Cool New Gadgets - Links we Love

Got cabin fever? Kids driving you crazy? Try teaching them to juggle or bring spring inside with an indoor terrarium. -- AlphaMom The division of labor in family life can feel more like tug-of-war than partnership. Here's how one couple finally le...

Husbands create more housework for wives

Do you ever get the feeling that the balance of labor in your marriage is slightly uneven? It might not just be your perception. A recent study found that wedding bells mean more than bliss, they also mean more housework for women and -- you might wa...

Divorce attorney: $150/hour. Court fees: $300. Housekeeper saving my marriage: priceless?

I'm the analytical type, so when I saw the book title, blaring at me in cobalt and orange, "A housekeeper is cheaper than a divorce," naturally, I started an Excel spreadsheet. I just wanted to figure it out. I made some assumptions. A good divorce a...


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