Downs Syndrome 

Could Prenatal DNA Testing Open Pandora's Box?

Credit: Jose Luis Pelaez, Getty Images NEW YORK (AP) - Imagine being pregnant and taking a simple blood test that lays bare the DNA of your fetus. And suppose that DNA could reveal not only medical conditions like Down syndrome, but al...Scientists have taken another step in prenatal testing that could predict medical conditions.

The end of amniocentesis?

Amniocentesis is not only uncomfortable, it can put an unborn baby at risk. Still, the test is often the only way that parents can find out if their baby if there baby has a chromosomal disorder, such as Down's syndrome. Though the risk is small, any...

Dolls with special needs cause controversy

Though I spent a dozen years working in special education classrooms with preschoolers and toddlers, it never once crossed my mind that the dolls my students were playing with in the housekeeping area often looked nothing like the kids themselves. Th...

Alaskan governor gives birth to 5th child

What a woman! Alaskan Governor Sarah Palin gave birth to her 5th child on Friday morning, which is pretty amazing all on its own. However, the fact that her water broke a month early while in Texas to give a speech at an energy conference and she g...

To heck and back

Well, in an interesting turn of fate, just before I found out I had strep throat, my husband's paternal grandmother passed away. This past weekend we piled one of the dogs, the baby, all his stuff and all ours into the car and hit the road once ag...

Offensive vocabulary word; what do you think?

Terri, who runs the Special Children site at sent us in an interesting question regarding her daughter's vocabulary word list. For a little background: Terri's daughter is 14 and in a resource class in her school. The kids in the class are ...

Utah family adopts Russian siblings

I have a special place in my heart for international adoption. Perhaps it is my hope that one day, in the future, we'll be able to adopt a toddler internationally. Here's a story about a family that has opened its doors to four Russian siblings. John...


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