SmackDown: Should Parents Drug Test Their Kids?

Is drug testing your kids a deterrent or a sign that you're not paying attention as a parent? Illustration by Dori Hartley
Drug Testing Kids in the Comfort of Home is So Not Comforting by Dori Hartley How ...
Would you drug test your kids at home? These two ParentDish writers duke it out.

New Jersey School District to Drug-Test Middle Schoolers

A New Jersey school board voted to start random drug testing for middle-schoolers. Credit: Getty In an effort to stamp out drugs and alcohol abuse by kids before they get to high school, a New Jersey school district voted Jan. 12 to ro...Kids in grades six through eight may be randomly tested for drugs.

SmackDown: Should There Be Random Drug Testing in Middle School?

How young is too young for random drug testing? Illustration by Dori Hartley
Paranoid Police State for My 12-year-Old? My Wrath Will Scare Her Straight, Not Random Drug Testing by Dori Hartley Let's jump r...
Are middle-schoolers too young to be randomly drug tested?

Shocker: Teens Not Truthful About Drug Use

Your kids are probably telling you what you want to hear. Credit: Getty Images
Your teenager insists he isn't taking drugs, and you believe him. Sucker. A new study shows teenagers are 52 times more likely to test positive for cocaine than ...
Get this: Teens lie about doing drugs.

Doctors advise against school drug testing

When Christy was a teenager, I would have done anything to protect her from the dangers of the world and her own bad judgment. While I know now that her struggles did not involve drugs, there was a time when I was not so sure. If the option to have h...

Enrollment in drug study ends

Sanofi-Aventis, the maker of the antibiotic Ketek, announced Friday that it will discontinue the use of children in their drug studies. The drug has been linked to liver failure in adults. The company will not acknowledge any wrong doing in the clini...

At-home drug testing is big business

Parents are increasingly using drug-testing labs and at home drug testing kits to make sure their teens aren't using drugs. Schools are promoting the at-home testing, with some hanging banners and sending home brochures for TestMyTeen.com in school h...


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