Duct taping kids -- okay in Georgia

Are your kids unruly? Do they have trouble following the rules? Do they talk too much? Well, if you're in Georgia, you've got an option you might not have thought of previously. Long known to be the handyman's cure-all for things that move and should...

Duct Taping kids, my version

You may remember the story from the other day about the mother who duct-taped her kids together so she could leave them at home while she went off to work. Well, alas, I have my own story of duct-taping kids. When Sara was about 6 months (or perhaps ...

Did mom actually duct tape her children and then go to work?

I am no stranger to the woes of a toddler's randomness. Nor am I unfamiliar with the struggles to find safe child care. These are issues that can bring the best mom to her knees, begging for some sort of help. I have also joked about the need for a l...


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