Parenting Dilemma: What Do You Tell Kids About the Easter Bunny?

"Is the Easter Bunny real, or are you the real Easter Bunny?" "Well... if you believe in the Easter Bunny, then the Easter Bunny is real." "But I just want to know if the Easter Bunny is you." She's four years old. And I'll be honest, I have...

What to do with that leftover Easter candy?

Did Aunt Myrtle give little Johnny way too much chocolate in his green-and-blue basket? Were you forced to hide that basket lest Johnny's head start rotating on its axis and lollop out the door in a blaze of over-amped glory? And then, once you hid i...

Peeps Show

After you've hunted the eggs, bitten off the ears of the chocolate bunny, and licked marshmallowy goodness off of your fingers, go check out the finalists in The Washington Post's second annual Peep Show. The newspaper encouraged people to play with ...


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