Eating Disorders in Teens Lead to Higher Suicide Risk Rates, Study Shows

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More teens than ever before are suffering from eating disorders -- and they're also more likely to suffer from suicidal thoughts, a new study shows. Researchers report ...
All eating disorders were associated with a higher lifetime risk for suicidal tendencies.

Facebook, Secondhand TV Spread Eating Disorders Across the World

Even if your kids aren't online, they're still under the influence of their social networking friends. Credit: Getty Images For parents who think flicking off the tube -- or possibly transplanting their kids to a remote island like Fiji...Teens are using social media for tips on dangerous weight loss.

Male Anorexia: One Boy's Story

Eric Ostendorf, left, at age 10, pre-anorexia; Ostendorf, center, at age 15 with full-blown anorexia; Ostendorf at age 17, a recovered anorexic. Courtesy of Becky Ostendorf Every day, for the first four months of his sophomore y...Eric Ostendorf was starving himself while engaging in obsessive-compulsive exercise regimens.

Eating Disorders on the Rise Among Children and Adolescents

Plus size models are becoming more popular on the runway. Credit: William West, AFP/Getty Images
Perhaps the media doesn't exactly dictate reality, after all. The days of heroin chic and waif thin supermodels may be coming to an end, but, to t...
Despite efforts by the media, the number of children and adolescents being diagnosed with eating disorders continues to rise.

Opinion: Don't Pressure Us to Fit Into Our Teen Jeans, Brooke

Apparently, not even 30 years, two kids and good sense comes between Brooke Shields and her Calvins. This week, in an appearance on "The Ellen DeGeneres Show," the 45-year-old model, mom and actress revealed that she still fits into the famous...Apparently, not even 30 years, two kids and good sense comes between Brooke Shields and her Calvins.

SmackDown: Should Kids Wear Skinny Jeans?

Are skinny jeans for kids a denim do or don't? Illustration by Christopher Healy
Skinny Jeans for Kids Aren't Cool. by Amy Hatch Last time I checked, my daughter's back-to-school shopping list didn't include "items that can...
Two moms who argue over the fashion of skinny jeans for kids.

Women in Sororities More Apt to Have Bad Body Images, Eating Disorders, Study Says

Do sororities cultivate mean girls or future humanitarians? Credit: Corbis
Women who join sororities are more likely to judge themselves on their appearances and display bulimic tendencies, according to a new study published in the journal Sex ...

Are You Raising a "Good" Eater?

As long as there have been mothers, children have been admonished: "Clean your plate!" Parents will go to great lengths to command, cajole or trick their picky kids into consuming the broccoli or beets left cold and uneaten. Doubtless, it's done with...

Study Shows Prevelance of Mental Disorders Among American Kids

The numbers may seem surprising: A new study finds that about 13 percent of American kids have at least one mental disorder (including ADHD, anxiety, depression, eating disorders and conduct disorder), but only half of those kids are getting trea...

Boys Can Have Eating Disorders Too

It's not unusual to hear about a teen girl who has an eating disorder or anorexia, but what people don't always realize is that boys can become alarmingly obsessed with their bodies, too. And it's just as serious. Dr. Phil spoke to two young men this...

Kiera Knightley worries about kids wanting to be famous

Keira Knightley is hands down one of the most beautiful up and coming stars in the celebrity world right now. She is willowy, graceful and talented. It appears as though she has the world in her palm and not a worry on her horizon. However, she does ...

Pussycat Dolls and Sugababes bad for teens, say researchers

Recently there's been a movement in the fashion industry attempting to ban ultra-thin models on runways and in magazines, as critics say images of these women promote eating disorders amongst teens. But new research suggests that watching popular gir...

New York Fasion Week responds responsibly to use of thin models

The New York Fashion Week, scheduled to begin this Friday, has a made a few changes to its line up. The use of super skinny models is out this year. This issue has been red hot this year, making headlines again and again. Although a rare few of us ev...

Girls as young as 7 suffering from anorexia

Although it is not the norm, there have been a number of instances where girls as young as seven years-old suffer from anorexia. One such hospital that treats children with the disorder is Great Ormond Street, the famous children's hospital in centra...

Minimal Change Disease, what the heck?

I have posted a few times about an ongoing health issue with my nine year-old daughter, Cassidy. Last spring she became quite ill, stopped eating, lost five pounds and was so lethargic that she could barely get through the days. At first her teachers...


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