Teen Drug Use of Marijuana, Ecstasy on an Upswing

Drug and alcohol use are on the upswing among teens. Credit: Getty Images
Just when you thought you could take a breather from stressing over your teen doing drugs, a new study shows pot, booze and ecstasy use are on the upswing.
Ecstasy use among teens is up 70 percent since 2008.

Suburban moms discover ecstasy

Very few people in my high school managed to get through those years without at least dabbling in recreational drugs. While I think that speaks volumes about the high school I attended, it also reveals the inexperience and ignorance of most of our pa...

Ecstasy laced with meth showing up in high schools

High school, for me, had its issues. I don't think I'm alone when I say that. But with the exception of a broken law or two here or there (all in good fun, of course), not one of those issues involved the words meth-laced ecstasy. It's enough to keep...

Study: Teen drug use declining

I recently watched a documentary on the history of drugs. It seems that human beings have been getting high forever and the only thing that really changes is the drug of choice. And while the good news is that a new study by University of Michigan's ...

Mr. Potato Head busted for drug smuggling

Mr. Potato Head, the smiling spud with the interchangeable face, has somehow found himself caught up in the dark and dangerous world of drug smuggling. On a trip from Ireland to Australia, Mr. Potato Head's back compartment was used to store somethin...

VIDEO: Toddler's "ecstasy trip" posted online

The above video shows a toddler, sitting on the floor of a moving minivan, apparently high on ecstasy. It's been circulating around the Internet ever since it first appeared on YouTube (it has since been removed), and was eventually covered b...


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