Toy Fair 2011: Top 10 Educational Toys

Sure, this year's Toy Fair was all about baby vampires, dancing robots, and giant flying fish. But it was also about playthings that –- through either sneaky or overt means –- could build up your kid's brainpower. Here are the top toys ...Here are the top toys we found for giving your kids a mental workout.

PBS Kids Games: A Brief Overview

If your child loves shows like "Super Why!" and "WordWorld" from the PBS Kids TV line-up, he or she will love to play games with these characters on the PBS Kids web site. PBS Kids was founded in 1993 by the Public Broadcasting Service as the bran...

Crayons and Marbles in the Computer World

My dad taught engineering and both my sister and my brother grew up to be engineers. When I was a kid we sat around the dinner table talking about Einstein's theories and solving mathematical equations. That explains why I became a musician and a coo...

Remember these? Top educational video games of the 80s

Computer time is a big deal at our house, so much so that we have to set a time limit. My kids love to play the games they find at sites like PBSKids, Noggin, Sesame Street, and Starfall. I figure that if they're going to get screen time, it might as...


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