Do You Let Your Kids Have Energy Drinks?

If your kid chugs energy drinks, he could be getting twice the caffeine of soda. Credit: Getty Images Energy drinks like Red Bull are very popular with adults, and perhaps even more popular with teens -- an upcoming article in the jour...An article in Pediatrics finds that up to half of adolescents and young adults swig caffeine-packed energy drinks.

Red Bull gives you... heart problems?

Red Bull, the popular energy drink may give you wings in more ways than one -- according to an Australian study, they might get you a harp as well and a new, fluffy home in the clouds. Researchers found that even one can of sugar-free Red Bull appear...

Starbuck's admits to marketing to kids

My older two children love Starbuck's, as in looooove. And why not? The drinks are sweet, topped with whipped cream and leave them bouncing off the walls. This is why I go to all ends of the earth to avoid the place. My children get enough sugar duri...


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