Fights Prompt Changes at Chuck E. Cheese Restaurants

Pistol-packing security guards are just one measure some Chuck E. Cheese restaurants are taking in an attempt to prevent adults from "acting like juveniles" at the famous pizza parlor and video arcade. In one Wisconsin town, police say they are ca...

Over-parenting on the rise?

A recent review in The New Yorker looks at several new books on overparenting, including one that -- get this -- blames feminism and the Russians for creating the dreaded helicopter parent. Oy. Included in the review is "A Nation of Wimps: The ...

Would you let your kid go to the movies alone?

Going to a movie without your parents is one of the great rites of passage in a kid's life, but how safe is it to drop your child at a movie theater alone? A reader of Newsday posed that question to a parenting advice column, asking if it was safe...


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