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Court Draws Line at Student Calling School Officials Feminine Hygiene Products

Courts rule student did not have right to call administrators "douche bags." Credit: Getty Images Could our Founding Fathers -- sober and saintly chaps to a man -- ever conceive of the First Amendment being used as a defense for callin...Former student plans to take her right to call officials "douche bags" to the Supreme Court.

Was Michigan Teacher Wrong to Eject Students for Anti-Gay Remarks?

Someone was bullied in a Michigan classroom on Oct. 20. Exactly who was the victim and who was the bully, however, depends on your point of view. Popular opinion -- at least as it was expressed at a community forum held Nov. 8 -- says Howell H...Teacher either defended gay students or trampled the First Amendment. It depends on your perspective.

Judge Grants Injunction Against New Massachusetts Obscenity Law

A judge ruled that the law violates the First Amendment. Credit: Getty Images
BOSTON (AP) - A federal judge has granted a preliminary injunction sought by free-speech advocates who argued that a new Massachusetts law aimed at protecting children ...
U.S. District Judge Rya Zobel ruled Tuesday that the law violates the First Amendment.

Student Journalists Yell 'Stop The Press' on Principle (and at Principal)

Schools have the legal right to censor content. Courtesy of The Viewer
Stop the presses. Literally. Students at Mounds View High School in Minnesota are refusing to put out a school paper if Principal Julie Wikelius insists on approving each i...

Student, Teacher Face Discipline Over Separate Facebook Postings

Maybe your mother was right. If you don't have something nice to say, perhaps you shouldn't say it all, at least not on Facebook. As recent incidents have illustrated, school disputes are being played out on the social networking site, and at le...

School Says No to Yearbook Photo of Gay Girl in Tux

Ceara Sturgis, 17, posed for her high school portrait in a tux and now the school won't include her photo in the yearbook. Credit: WLBT TV / AP
Ceara Sturgis, 17, just wanted to be comfortable, so the gay teen donned a tux for her traditional sen...

Evolution and First-Amendment T-Shirts Upset Schools' Dress Codes

You can't wear stripes. You can't wear plaids. You can't wear T-shirts showing the stages of human evolution. If you don't like these restrictions, you can protest. But if you do, it better not be in a T-shirt quoting the First Amendment. That has be...

Dropping the F-bomb on Sesame Street?

(Click Big Bird's photo to see some Famous TV F-Bombs) What is it about swearing that is just so hilariously funny? Because it is funny, you know. At least, that's what one Supreme Court Justice said last week, when considering a case regarding o...

Boy suspended over anti-Obama tshirt

(Click the photo for outlandish political baby clothing) With only 40 days left until the 2008 Presidential election, there's no doubt that things are heating up. As the candidates battle it out on the main stage, conversations at home are bound to...

Be careful what you say, even on the internet

There's a very good rule of thumb you might have heard from your own parents, once upon a time. If you can't say something nice, don't say anything at all. Avery Doninger, a senior at Lewis S. Mills High School in Connecticut didn't follow that advic...

How can teachers fight back against online pranks?

Back in my day, about the only way students could harass teachers outside of the classroom was to to toilet paper their house. To do that, you had to know where they lived and actually sneak out of your own house to accomplish the task. That may soun...

Man sues to get son out of catholic school

Jennifer Jordan wrote about a couple that is being told they cannot adopt because of their beliefs -- or more accurately, their lack of beliefs. At the heart of that issue is one judge's belief that the state constitution, which says "no person shall...

Teacher pushes religious views; students sue

James Corbett, a social science teacher in Mission Viejo, California, has been accused of pushing his religious views on students instead of teaching, according to a lawsuit filed in a federal court earlier this week. If the allegations are accurate,...

Georgia school paper allows gay-bashing editorial

I know the classic stereotype of the south as being ignorant, barbaric, and well behind the times aren't wholly true, but it seems some folks down in Georgia aren't helping to dispell any such myths. In addition to the duct-taping incident, there is ...

ACLU defends the bible in school

Actually, the ACLU just confirmed my defense of the bible's place in a public school. Whoa, wait, what? Is Beelzebub strapping on ice skates? Have there been sightings of aerial swine? Or have I just taken complete leave of my senses? Well, actually,...


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