Mom Says Son's Life Was Saved Because of Facebook

Deborah Copaken Kogan joined Facebook back in 2008, after her son was being bullied, and officials at his school suggested she monitor his page. But the social media site eventually became a sort of community for the New York mom -- and, she tells...Mom says friends told her to take her boy to the hospital after seeing his picture on the social media site.

SpongeBob SquarePants on Twitter

Follow the new SpongeBob tale on Twitter! Credit: Nickelodeon
It's a rare day that Nickelodeon's "SpongeBob SquarePants" isn't being watched in our household, and now, everyone's favorite cartoon sponge is taking over Twitter, too.
SpongeBob and his Bikini Bottom pals are telling a new tale on Twitter.

Girl, 12, Gets Suspended Sentence for Cyberstalking

Girls, 11 and 12, posted sexually explicit photos of a classmate on Facebook. Credit: AP Think your child is too young to be wrapped up in a cyberstalking case? A 12-year-old received a six-month suspended sentence for committing the c...Girls, 11 and 12, posted sexually explicit photos of a classmate on Facebook.

Facebook Turns Parents Into Teenagers, Study Says

Credit: Karen Bleier, AFP/Getty Images
A miniskirt and fishnet stockings on a 50-year-old woman do not make her look young. They make her look like a 50-year-old woman trying to look young.
And ask any teenager: There is nothing gro...
Adults share sensitive information, become obsessed with popularity under social media's spell.

Facebook Connecting Adopted Kids With Birth Parents

Using Facebook to track down old loves, former classmates or long-lost friends is nothing new, but now the social networking site is being used to connect adopted children with their birth parents. The New York Times reports the Internet is ch...Experts say parents who don't tell kids they are adopted are taking a huge risk.

Know that Face? Facebook Does

Facebook face recognition now makes tagging your friends on Facebook easier - even the really inappropriate photos. Credit: AFP/Getty Images No doubt about it, sharing pictures on Facebook is a major pastime for ...Facebook's new face-recognition software can now automatically recognize people in photos -- and add their name to the picture -- dramatically increasing the number of places that your teen's photos can pop up.

Facebook Fail: 1,600 Turn Up to Girl's 16th Birthday Party

It was an invite list that would have put the birthday girls and boys from MTV's "My Super Sweet 16" to shame. Only thing was, this German teen didn't actually mean to invite thousands of people to her birthday bash. MSNBC reports the girl, on...Girl accidentally marked her invitation as public, and 15,000 people RSVP'd yes.

Missing Boys Found Safe After Woman Recognizes Them From Facebook Posting

A woman found two missing boys because of facebook post. Cerdit: Getty Images Facebook has been proven to have the power to reunite long, lost loves, forgotten friends and family scattered across the world. But missing children with th...Boys ran away from home, but woman spotted them after seeing Facebook post.

How to Get a Handle on Facebook's Privacy Settings

Kids today are growing up in public – and this is especially true when it comes to Facebook. Credit: Getty Only You Can Control Your Online Privacy
Kids are growing up in public -- and this is especially true when it come...
Kids are growing up in public -- and this is especially true when it comes to Facebook.

Facebook Party Spins Out of Control

A teenage girl in Germany who forgot to mark her birthday invitation as private on Facebook fled her own party when more than 1,500 guests showed up. Credit: AP BERLIN (AP) - Better check your Facebook settings before posting a party i...Better check your Facebook settings before posting a party invitation online.

Fetus Has More Than 260 Facebook Friends

Using paper announcements and photo albums to document a birth are so 2010. To spread the word of their pregnancy, Ellie and Matt Greene started a Facebook profile for their unborn baby, Marriah. The Texas couple sent friend requests and the ...The parents write the Facebook entries from the point of view of their fetus.

Facebook, PayPal Entrepeneur Pays Kids to Drop Out of College

A 43-year-old billionaire has set aside $2 million to get kids younger than 20 to drop out of college. Credit: Getty Images Theoretical physicist Stephen Hawking attended Oxford and Cambridge universities and eventually changed the w...College not worth the price for spunky teens with business ideas, says PayPal inventor.

Mark Zuckerberg: Let Children Younger Than 13 on Facebook

Would you let your young kids use Facebook? Credit: Getty Images Maybe Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg is feeling nostalgic about when he was 12 years old -- way back in ... 1996? Wow! This kid really is a kid! No wonder he wants...Facebook founder vows to challenge site's age restrictions.

SmackDown: Is Suspension Too Severe a Punishment for a Facebook Post?

Is it OK to take out your math frustrations on your teacher? Credit: John Macdougall, AFP
Freedom of (Nasty) Speech Extends to Teenagers by Tom Henderson Imagine if t...
Does freedom of speech extend to Facebook?

Death to Teacher? One Student Punished for Facebook Words, One for Spiking Drink With Staples

Credit: Getty Images
There are rules in society, boys and girls.
If you wish someone dead or injured, you skulk around muttering out about it under your breath. You occasionally shoot him or her the stink eye. You do not go blabb...
A student wishes her teacher dead while another "spikes" a teacher's tea.


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