Now I'm Reading Plays

Now I'm Reading Plays come with scripts and masks. Credit: Innovativekids.com So, your young thespian has mastered her first reader books, complete with accents and sound effects. Now it's time to encourage that acting bug and get her ...Little drama queens and kings will love acting out these plays for kids.

Why We Love a Royal Wedding

Kate Middleton and Prince William pose for the media at St. James's Palace in London on Nov. 16, 2010, after they announced their engagement. The couple are to wed in 2011. Credit: Chris Jackson, AP
I love a good fairy tale. You know the story...
I freely concede that a grown woman carrying a torch for fairy tale romances isn't exactly cool, but there's just something about the romance, the adversity and, of course, the fashion of it all that warrants a special spot for all those stories on our living room bookshelf.

The 10 Best New Picture Books for Spring

Every season brings bright new picture books, and Cabin Fever has the great pleasure of choosing from among the riches the very best. With help from my personal focus group of readers (and pre-readers), here's what made our shortlist of top new pictu...

Little Red Riding Hood

Little Red Riding Hood is a character in a fairy tale about a wolf and a young girl. The most widely known version of Little Red Riding Hood is based on a Brothers Grimm story. In the story, Little Red Riding Hood wears a red, hooded cloak as she ...

Don't try this at home: fairy tale edition

What sort of parent would let their daughter wander around the forest alone? Especially when there are bears about? Or take a shortcut through the woods to Grandma's house, regardless of how in need of cookies the old lady might be? At the very least...

Remote controlled knights = best toy ever

Does your child love fairy tales with princesses, fire-breathing dragons, and the valiant knights that heroically save the day? Then this is his or her dream toy. Granted, it's a little nerdy, but these remote-controlled knights are considerably ...


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