Family meals 

Slow Down at Mealtime to Avoid Overeating

A new study published in The Endocrine Society's Journal of Clinical Endocrinology & Metabolism, has revealed that eating fast rather than slow limits the release of hormones in the gut that trigger the feeling of being full. In the study, ...

Teens Who Skip Breakfast More Likely To Have Sex Earlier

You know that business about breakfast being the most important meal of the day? You probably heard it as a child and are now repeating it to your own child. Good for you! Breakfast is important . Studies show that kids who skip the morning meal are ...

Family friendly meals for $10 or less

Whenever I try to trim our budget, I always return to our food spending. Even though gas prices are falling, experts say it's unlikely that we'll see any relief in the form of falling food costs. That's not good news for families on a who live on a t...

Combat child obesity with a home-cooked meal

I'm one of those moms that cares a lot about the food my family eats. Even as food costs rise, we've cut back in other areas in our budget so that we can continue to buy organic and locally grown meat and produce. But by far, the most important...

A link between family meals and adolescent development?

A recent study examined associations between family meal frequency and developmental assets and high-risk behaviors among a national sample of adolescents. Anonymous surveys were distributed to 99,462 sixth to 12th grade students from public and alte...


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