A New Baby After Taking a New Job? That Could be a Problem in Ohio

In Ohio, your maternity leave might be permanent. Credit: Getty Images
Even in the enlightened, family-friendly world of 2010, you can still get fired for getting pregnant. In Ohio, anyway. The Ohio Supreme Court ruled this week that compan...

Workers give breastfeeding the thumbs up

Employees from at least one company view breastfeeding policies positively, a new study finds. Over 400 staff members from a single corporation were polled about breastfeeding and pumping, coworkers who breastfed/pumped and whether or not allowing e...

The financial case for paid family leave

In order to take care of their newborn baby or ailing family member, many workers must either cut back their hours or stop working entirely. Comprehensive family leave initiatives -- programs that would allow such workers to take paid leaves of absen...


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