Should We Use Two Middle Names to Keep the Peace?

What are your thoughts on using two middle names? I have two boys who would both like to select the middle name for their new brother. Of course, they can't agree! - Compromising Mom This is a new twist on an extra middle name. Most parents who...So you promised your kids they could name your next born? Welcome to the family, Poopie-head Fartface Smith. It's The Name Lady to the rescue!

Should the Child Who Inherited My Name Inherit Everything Else?

Each of my grandchildren have been given a family name for their middle names, two from the mother's family and two from the father's side. One of the children's middle name is my maiden name, which will not be continued other than with this child....

From My Family to Yours...

Happy New Year, everyone! Sometimes things don't work out as planned, and that's what makes life fun and interesting. The video clip shows what happened when the Duffy family went to cut down their Christmas tree and my husband, Sean -- wh...

Sports Traditions as Important During Holidays as Turkey, Gifts Under the Tree

The annual Becher-Ware Turkey Bowl. Credit: Gary Becher
Thanksgiving means family gatherings for some and pumpkin pie for others. For Scott Becher, it means the annual Becher-Ware Turkey Bowl. "It started in 1991 with seven of us playing a...

Naming Baby After Dad - Classic or Showy?

My wife and I are considering naming our son after me and calling him EJ for Eric Junior. What is the history of passing down the father's name to his son and is it considered pretentious today? - Dad-to-be Fifty years ago, no one woul...

Back-to-school traditions - What do you do?

Traditions are an important part of family life. Traditions not only create positive feelings and a sense of belonging, they help parents pass their values on to their children. There's a good reason why, as parents, we often find ourselves repeating...

Advent calendars: chocolate or traditional?

Some of my fondest holiday memories involve the advent calendars that my mother would hang on the refrigerator door every year on December 1st. They were usually large and covered with glittery angels and mangers. But by far the best part was the sma...

The Christmas tradition that would: a tale

Once upon a time there was a mama. She was an energetic mama, full of ideas, vim, vigor and spice. She had plans, big plans, and they revolved around the perfect Christmas. She had some very excellent ideas about a bucolic, authentic celebration, ful...


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