Doctors Face Difficult Dilemma Over Female Genital Cutting

Is it OK to inflict a little bit of harm in order to avert serious physical damage? That's a question pediatricians in America are grappling with, and the answer is far from clear cut. At issue is the practice of female genital cutting (...

$40,000 reward to stop female circumcision in Britain

More common in Africa and the Middle East, the practice of removing a young girl's clitoris and other parts of her genitalia is spreading to other countries as immigrants make their way west. In Britain, it has become such a problem that the Metropol...

Eritrea bans female genital mutilation

Here's some good news from the other side of the planet. Eritrea, a little country on the right-hand side of the African continent (with great, yummy food, by the way) has banned female genital mutilation (sometimes called "female circumcision"). Thi...


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