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Boy, 12, Wins Fashion Contest, Hopes to Dress Michelle Obama

First lady Michelle Obama isn't afraid to wear designs by relatively unknown, young designers. But a gown by a 12-year-old boy? Now, that would be a first. NBC reports Texas tween Grant Mower bested design students in college and high school i...Boy flies to Utah in hopes of catching first lady's eye with his design.

First Lady Michelle Obama Celebrates the First Year of 'Let's Move!'

Michelle Obama discussed the Let's Move! campaign on the "Today" show on Feb. 9, 2011. Credit: Peter Kramer, AP Photo/NBC Universal, Inc. Today marks the first anniversary of Let's Move!, the comprehensive initiative launched last year...The first lady says she wants kids to understand that "exercise" is just a code word for "play."

First Lady Gets Sweaty for Healthy Kids Fair; We Likey

First lady Michelle Obama hosted the Healthy Kids Fair at the White House yesterday to promote good eating habits and exercise among children.
Obama took part in the day's activities by showing off her athletic prowess in a round of Double Du...

Sasha And Malia Get Surprise Swing Set

The adorable first daughters had a nice surprise when they got home from school yesterday. Not the puppy (not yet, anyway), but something almost as good -- a brand new wooden swing set. They squealed with delight upon seeing it, said a spokeswoman...

Michelle Obama - Mom-in-Chief and so Much More

Her husband is poised to become the next leader of the United States of America, but did you know that early on in his career, Michelle Obama was actually Barack Obama's mentor? What's been lost in the post-election discussion about the future Fir...

Michelle Obama changes the way moms dress

Admit it: one of the most fascinating things about the Presidential election was what everyone wore on the campaign trail. No, not the men -- the women! We all know about Sarah Palin and her $150,000 closet makeover, but the real winner in the st...

Michelle Obama pledges to help working families and military families

This should come as no surprise given that her husband ran on not only the Democratic but also the Working Families ticket, but Michelle Obama wants to help working families and military families. As part of her duties as First Lady, Michelle sees th...

Michelle Obama brings motherhood back to the White House

When the future First Family came out on the stage Tuesday night, I couldn't help but pay special attention to Michelle Obama and her girls. For the first time in several elections, a young family will be moving in to the White House. While Mrs. Obam...

Mom-in-Chief: If you were president, would you make your kids' food?

Last night I was watching ABC's Commander-in-Chief. In the opening scene, our fictional first lady was in the residence, getting her family ready for the day. She was popping up the toaster oven and taking out grilled cheese? toast? for her youngest ...


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