Schools: Would You Grind On The Dance If Grandma Were Watching?

It's difficult to grind to Burt Bacharach -- or at least one West Hollywood high school hopes so. A recent threat by Pacific Hills School to turn up the lights and play Bacharach's music is just one indication that adults are fed up with sugges...

Wisconsin High School Bans Suggestive Dancing

If you grew up in the '80s, movies like Footloose and Dirty Dancing were both an indelible part of your coming of age memories and the soundtrack of your life. Who can forget what fun it was to watch Johnny teach Baby all the sexy dance moves she w...

Freak dancing: Does your high school allow it?

There's a big battle brewing at one high school in a community near my own. Last year, the principal at the high school banned what she deemed lewd dancing at school-sponsored dances. The kids rebelled, saying what they were doing was not inappropria...


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