GPS Tracking 

GPS Tracking: Should Your Teens Use Location Services?

Do you know where your children are? Foursquare does! Credit: AP
Location apps change the game by identifying your physical location:
Location apps let kids post their actual, physical location. According to a 2010 study b...
These programs bring up two big issues: safety and privacy.

Big Mother is Watching You - Even on the School Bus

The students of the Chippewa Elementary School are carrying tracking cards so officials are able to pinpoint exactly where and when they stepped aboard the school bus. Credit: Zbigniew Bzdak, Chicago Tribune / MCT
Santa Claus would love to scor...

Iowa State Fair Offers Parents Tracking Device for Kids

Who needs a helicopter? Just get a GPS! Credit: MNgilen, Flickr
If you've always wanted to go to the Iowa State Fair, but were afraid you might lose track of your kid amid the crowd, you can rest easy now. Fair organizers are offering parents...

School skippers forced to wear tracking bracelets

Certain students in San Antonio, Texas schools will soon find it a lot harder to get away with skipping school. A new program designed to crack down on truancy will allow the Bexar County courts to fit habitual school-skippers with ankle bracelets ou...


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