Gay parents 

One-Quarter of Gay Couples Raising Children, Census Reveals

Just as New York legislators are voting on a bill that would legalize gay marriage in the state, the U.S. Census has released data that could have a huge impact on the vote. The census counted same-sex couples and their children for the first t...The new data could play into the same-sex marriage debate.

Celebrating Fathers' Day, Plural

On Sunday, my household will observe a holiday that is somehow universal and statistically rare all at once: Fathers' Day. Note the location of the apostrophe, indicating the plural possessive form, which is to say two dads but only one day. W...For this family, Father's Day means two dads, one holiday.

Teaching Moments: Mystery Moms and the 'Interrupting Chicken'

"The Interrupting Chicken" by David Ezra Stein
For most of this past year, I had a very intense, life-consuming job that cost me a lot of the smaller moments in my children's lives. I still tried to be home for dinner (even if it ...
School appearance by two moms raises lots of questions.

'Modern Family' and Me: The Men in the Mirror

Question: Where can I find the following family? Two gay dads -- one slender and uncomfortable offering public displays of affection, the other hefty and prone to flamboyant gestures. Add one adopted daughter of another race, the youngest memb...Watching "Modern Family" is like looking in a mirror.

Absolutely No - As in Zero - Cases of Abuse Reported in Lesbian Families

Lesbian moms don't beat their kids, and they don't make their children gay. Credit: Ryan Anson/AFP/Getty Images Millions of children are beaten or molested every day by their parents. However, those numbers are much lower among childre...Study: Lesbians don't beat or molest their children. Period. End of conversation.

Should the Boy Scouts Stop Banning Gay Men and Atheists?

Jon Langbert, a father in Dallas, was told recently that he was no longer allowed to hold a leadership position in his son's Cub Scout troop because he is gay. He was also asked not to wear his Scout uniform at troop events. "We do have a poli...

Children of Lesbians Well Adjusted, Study Shows

Teenage children of lesbians are psychologically well-adjusted and have fewer behavioral problems than their peers, a new study shows. Children of lesbian couples rated significantly higher in social, academic and overall competence than other c...

Opinion: Bacon Should Have No Bearing on Becoming a Foster Parent

When it comes to foster parenting and adoption, agencies should focus on the applicants' ability to care for a child -- not their religion or sexual orientation. And certainly not whether or not they eat bacon. Baltimore's Tashima Crudup, a prac...

Protesters Rally as Child of Lesbian is Denied Enrollment at Catholic Kindergarten

A preschooler at Sacred Heart of Jesus Catholic School in Boulder, Colo., is not being allowed to enroll in the school's kindergarten program next year. Her parents are lesbians. Allowing the children of same-sex parents to enroll in Catholic...

Adoption site: no gays allowed

Making the choice to adopt requires a big commitment. You really have to be prepared and know what you're getting into. It's not something that can happen by accident or in the heat of the moment. In New York, you can even get certified as "Qualified...

Fashion designer Tom Ford wants a baby

I was flipping through the latest issue of Vanity Fair the other day and came across an ad featuring a photo of fashion designer Tom Ford. In the photo, he is leaning back all casual like and looking cool. I don't keep up with fashion designers and k...

Rights of non-traditional parents

Non-traditional couples who want to have children have many options. Adoption and artificial insemination are two well known choices. Both of these choices can be expensive. If a couple chooses the sperm donor route, is it a better choice to use an a...

Lesbian wants court to ban gay adoptions

How did Sara Wheeler go from starting a family with another woman to asking a judge to ban gay adoption? The gay community has called her "self-hating," but she says "It's about motherly rights." In 2000, Sara and her partner, Missy started a family ...

Gay parents get fertility clinic

If you're a gay male couple, starting a family can be daunting. It's difficult or flat out impossible to adopt in many U.S. states, and those who want biological children via a surrogate mother face prejudice and bureaucracy at every turn. Enter the...

Knitting for marriage equality

Trey, a father and author of the blog, Daddy, Papa and Me, has embarked on a worthy project to help raise money for much needed causes. One his causes is Afghans for Afghans, a grassroots effort that creates hand-knit and crocheted blankets and s...


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