Has Genetic Testing for Athletic Ability Created a Monster?

Is your kid the next basketball superstar? A test could tell you. Credit: Getty
Well, this sounds like the beginning of a horror movie.
For $20, you can get a genetic testing kit that supposedly tells you if your child may be the ne...
Scientists question the ethics of trying to genetically ID the next Michael Jordan.

New Prenatal Blood Test to Determine Genetic Disorders Could Mean Healthier Kids, Rise in Abortions

Identifying genetic disorders, sex or even eye color could be possible soon with a simple blood test. Credit: Getty A new blood test for pregnant women that could detect genetic disorders in an unborn child without risking a miscarriag...A simple blood test could tell if your baby has a genetic order, his sex and his eye color.

Poll: Parents Like the Idea of Genetically Testing Kids at Home

Can genetic testing tell what kids talents are? Credit: Getty Images
If you want to know if he loves you so, it's in his kiss. That works for boyfriends. But if you want to know if your kid can play the cello, it's in his genes. Step righ...

Big Brother May Have Your Baby's DNA

Annie Brown, pictured with daughter Isabel, was shocked to learn that her baby's DNA was in the hands of the feds. Credit: Gregg Andersen
The government may have your baby's DNA on file. Newborns in the United States are regularly screened for...

The end of amniocentesis?

Amniocentesis is not only uncomfortable, it can put an unborn baby at risk. Still, the test is often the only way that parents can find out if their baby if there baby has a chromosomal disorder, such as Down's syndrome. Though the risk is small, any...

Dyslexia gene identified

A team of scientists at Oxford University in England have identified a gene linked to dyslexia, a learning disability that often leads to reading and spelling difficulties. If not addressed early on, children can fall behind in literacy skills and sp...

Codeine and breastfeeding a deadly combo for baby

Now, I'm not one to fan fires when it comes to everything we hear is harmful to mothers and their children (unborn or among us), but I took strong notice of this article. Last Friday, the US FDA put out an advisory that mothers who breastfeed and ta...

DNA testing - would you do it?

Some genetic testing on children is already done through routine newborn screening programs, where blood samples are examined for several diseases such as sickle cell and cystic fibrosis. But advances in genetic testing opens up the potential to iden...

Advice for high-risk mother-to-be

Most of the comments I receive at Blogging Baby happen on the newest posts, but occasionally I'll get a comment in my inbox on a post I wrote weeks or months back. This morning I opened a comment written on a post I'd written in early January about ...


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