Five Ways to Make This Christmas More Memorable

For those of you who celebrate Christmas, the holiday has officially begun. Whether you're working today, anticipating tomorrow's fun, or you already have a houseful of company, Christmas Eve is the kick-off for what is probably your kids' (and mayb...

Kirk Douglas: secret celebrity do-gooder

Celebrities, by their very nature, crave attention. Some of them can't seem to get enough of it and go to great lengths to make sure they stay in the public eye (see Britney Spears). But some famous people keep their private lives private and quietly...

Bank participates in real life "Pay it Forward"

I love hearing about heart-warmy, do-good ideas people come up with this time of year! Instead of a cookie exchange, one of my girlfriends who is a counselor at the local woman's shelter had a little brunch and asked all invitees to bring household...


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