Tree Branch Kills 6-Month-Old: Who Is to Blame?

On a sunny Saturday about a week ago, a healthy, leafy branch fell from a tree in Central Park and the unthinkable happened: It killed a 6-month-old girl who was in her mom's arms, just as the dad was about to take their picture. The mom was gravel...

Ah, pregnancy dreams

Some folks claim they don't dream at all, others that they do every night, and quite vividly. Some of us lurk somewhere in the middle, but become very avid dreamers when we're pregnant. Weird pregnancy dreams are nothing new to the mother-to-be co...

Parents choose faith over science

In what is perhaps the most heated of debates about our children, our beliefs and our medicine, a girl has died after her parents chose prayer over doctors. The girl suffered from a rare form of diabetes. Madeline Kara Neumann, 11, of Wisconsin, s...

Science in Oklahoma: God did it

The Oklahoma House of Representatives education committee is set to offer students a new way to pass science tests without actually having to go through the annoying process of learning anything. When they encounter a question to which they don't kno...

Atheism and parenthood

Not so long ago I wrote a few articles about my religious convictions (I have none) and the possibility of those for my son. He doesn't have any, yet, that I know of. After all, he's a wee nine months old. Recently, Time Magazine posted an article ...

ACLU defends the bible in school

Actually, the ACLU just confirmed my defense of the bible's place in a public school. Whoa, wait, what? Is Beelzebub strapping on ice skates? Have there been sightings of aerial swine? Or have I just taken complete leave of my senses? Well, actually,...

Parent vs. Parent: Raising children against religion

When I was growing up, we went to church every Sunday, come hell or high water. In fact, when I got older, I knew the time and place of every late Catholic mass performed in the City so that I could go backpacking for the weekend and still make it to...

Dover school board rescinds "intelligent design" position

Church and state were thoroughly rent asunder this week in Dover, Pennsylvania. You may recall that the previous school board voted to use science classes to pimp intelligent design, a fundamentalist Christian theory that argues that irreducible comp...


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