Go Green, Save Cash With National Costume Swap Day

Looking for a way to come up with an amazing costume for your child this Halloween that won't leave you living on candy corn and popcorn balls til your next paycheck arrives? Or just want to do your part to help raise a little eco-awareness in yo...Green is the new black this Halloween.

Mom's Fight to Hang Her Laundry Outside Gets Dirty

It's not easy being green. Credit: NBC Philadelphia
A Philadelphia-area mom is letting it all hang out, and her neighbors don't like it.
Patty Pozeynot of Skippack Township, Pa., was fined $100 by her Hunter Ridge neighborhood assoc...

Recycle your Crocs at SolesUnited

It's an issue that has divided families, pitted friend against friend, and brought conflict down on even the most peaceful of homes: Are Crocs legitimate footwear or not? Whether or not you or your kids wear Crocs, you've got to admit they are invent...

Kevin Bacon sings the praises of Eco-friendly cloth diapers

Yesterday I was without my kids for the day, a state that always leaves me a bit unsure as to how exactly I am supposed to spend my time. After yard work and trolling the Internet I sat down and watched some of Al Gore's Life Earth concert coverage. ...

Size Six: Easy ways to go green

Many people complain that going green is an expensive proposition. But the cost of inaction is much higher -- affecting your family's health and the world we live in. Admittedly, some things, like buying all organic food, would add hundreds of dollar...


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