Missed Parent-Teachers Conferences Could Result in Jail Time for Parents

There have been plenty of reports about parents being jailed when their kids miss school, but now parents also may be locked up for their own absences -- from parent-teacher conferences. Michigan prosecutor Kim Worthy is pushing for a new ...

Flying Solo, Kids' Dollywood Thrill Ride Frightens Parents

PRODUCTION PLAYER! DO NOT DELETE. What child could logically be expected to resist the siren call of Pigeon Forge, Tenn.? This "action-packed" community of 5,000 people is the "center of fun in the Smokies." It says so right i...

'Good Morning America' Anchor Talks About Sister's Autism Advocacy Efforts

Sam Champion of "Good Morning America" shares his sister Teresa's efforts to find a cure for autism: Since I was a young boy, I've always looked up to my big sister Teresa. Most Likely to Succeed, she aced law school, married a naval a...

How Young Is Too Young For Beer, Cell Phones and Piercings?

What age is the right age to let kids have things like cell phones and see R-rated movies? Credit: Getty Images Have a beer with Mom or Dad? No way! How about an after-school part-time job? Sure, no problem! So says a new ABC News/Good Morning...

When grandparents play favorites

It's hard not to do. For some, it's inevitable: Playing favorites. Parents try not to do it, grandparents too. Still, the idea persists--siblings talk about it amongst themselves and make the decisions when the grandparents don't. But what about w...

Good Morning America's Charles Gibson now a granddad is current reporting that one of the hosts for the television show Good Morning America, Charles Gibson, is a grandfather for the first time.  Gibson's daughter, Jessica, gave birth to Andrew Reece Gibson Rosen.  Andrew is the fi...


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